TBT – Halloween

How many of your Halloween costumes do you remember?  My most memorable costume was the year that my best friend, her sister and her best friend and I went as the crew from the Wizard of Oz.  Katherine was the tallest so she was the tin man, Joanna had freckles so she got to be Dorothy, Angela was the scarecrow and I was the lion.  My mom made my costume and it was amazing.

Unfortunately I have no pictures.   I do, however, have pictures of my kids……ya I know but hey, its Halloween.

witch and a fire man

When my son was three he wanted to be a witch.  We went to the store and I showed him the dress and hat that made up a witches costume.  He loved it!  Not once did he or I or anyone question his choice.  He was a witch and her rocked it.  We’ve never talked about it since than and he may have forgotten.  Until now.  Sorry bud.


My daughter’s first Halloween (that she was able to walk for) she was dressed as a penguin.  When I was pregnant my husband and son used to joke that I was going to have a penguin.  I’m not sure why.  My husband has always wanted a pet penguin.  Again, I’m not sure why.  So it was only fitting that this be her first costume.  Thank you Old Navy.

Power Ranger

Are Power Rangers still a thing?  In 1995 it was ever little boy’s dream to be a Ranger.  I’m guessing that the number of Power Ranger costumes sold has recently been replaced by Minecraft or perhaps Skylanders?  I was a bit worried about the mask that came with this costume but apparently going out without is was nothing short of sacrilegious. Go Power Rangers.

three cuties

What little girl didn’t dream of being a fairy princess for Halloween?  Of course dressing like a fairy princess in Vancouver at the end of October has some logistical issues.  Turtle necks for example don’t always fit underneath gauzy sequined dresses.  Sling back slippers and mushy wet leaves do not mix.  Still she managed to pull it off don’t you think?  How cute are her buddies the mermaid and the queen?

sarah palin

The last costume I wore was in 2008 and was Sarah Palin.  There was talk of my husband dressing up as a moose but it never happened.  My friends annual Halloween costume was the perfect way to let our imaginations go and yup, that’s the best I could come up with.  You betcha!

The Best Thing in Life is that I do not have a picture of the year that I dressed up as Catwoman.  Black vinyl is not flattering.  Just sayin’

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