2015 In A Nutshell


Looking back on a year that started out with me wanting to Take a Pass on New Years I have to say that things worked out pretty well.

Something I started in 2015 was a Throw Back Thursday theme to some of my posts.  If nothing else, it gave me an excuse to drag out my shoe box full of photos every week and take a walk down memory lane.  It’s nice to document the traditions and memories of Easter, Halloween and Christmas from when I was young and pass them on to my kids.  Even showing them Where it all Started and how my Mom and Dad met.  It’s a way to stay connected to Private School friends and Kamikaze friends.  It’s enabled me to look back on a special Place and gain some insight into my daughters Determination.

In an effort to stretch my writing to a different place, I write three posts that had A Different Approach.  I hope to continue doing this as it gives me a new way to tell stories.  I Will Love You Until You Are 92 and Where’s the Sandman When You Need Him let me get a bit deeper into feelings and emotions that are sometimes hard to write as well, me.

Most importantly, I was able to continue my goal of talking with my friends about their jobs and/or passions.  My friend Karen achieved Higher Education.  Nicole continues to live her best life despite the odd Pity Party.  Lisa continues to run and we share the knowledge that Running Is Cheaper Than Therapy.  I seem to be drawn to expats as Miss Sam joined an Englishwoman, a Scot and an Irish Woman in my circle of women to admire.  Donna and Lisa proved to me that you can motivate people and you can Change Paths Midstream successfully.  All of their enthusiasm inspires me to continue looking for My Thing.

Continuing to learn about myself and how I see the world never ceases to fascinate me.  Thinking about My Darkest Time made me realize that I have overcome a lot and have Learnt to Love Again.  But sometimes Barbed Wire and Untied Shoelaces still trip me up on my quest to find My Personality.  I can now readily admit that I get Hangry and that I Don’t Care If You Like me or not.  On a weird note I did, for a moment, think that I was an Eighteen Year Old Boy.  A Road Trip and Renovating My Bathroom taught me some cool things too.

Spending more time at home this last year has given me a deeper appreciation of my Neighborhood.  While I readily admit that I live in a Bubble, I will never take things like school Winter Concerts for granted.  Thank goodness for days like Earth Day to allow me to stop and see the forest through the trees.

Probably the biggest….no wait…..THE most important thing that has evolved this year is my feelings towards my mom and my commitment to getting involved in the Parkinson’s Society.  While it is important to Call Your Mom every once in a while, it is equally important to Put Your Money Where Your Mouth is.  In December I was honored to have the Parkinson’s Society of BC publish a POST I wrote in 2014 about my mom and touched to see the look on her face when she read it and realized that I wrote it.

Wow.  I write a lot of stuff.  Some good some not so good.  Did I enjoy it?  Hell yes.  Will I do more?  Damn straight.

The Best Thing in Life is……..I may have found what I’ve been looking for.

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