January 8, 2017

A cold, hard day. A day for puzzles.

A quick trip up to the ski hill this morning was marred only by the fact that there were so many people. The lift line ups were ridiculous. A five minute ski run resulted in thirty minutes waiting in line.

For the most part people know how a ski lift line up works. You merge the same way you would if you were in traffic. If you are a single rider you get in the single rider line and take your chances as to who you get on the chair with. I personally love doing it if I’m skiing alone. You meet the coolest people.

Anyway, getting through the line is not hard. Yes, it’s a bit of a puzzle. This piece goes then that piece goes.

However, some people have obviously never done a puzzle.

The afternoon was then spent actually doing a puzzle.

Relaxing and anxiety inducing all at the same time. When you get to that point where all the pieces left are the same colour.

Blue ski has never been so infuriating.

One thought on “January 8, 2017

  1. George January 9, 2017 / 9:48 am

    Merging in traffic is still difficult for some people. I can’t imagine those same people on a ski lift..:)

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