Thinking About National Writing Month


“Wait.  Wait. Back up.”

“What’s wrong?”

“That car.”

“What about it?”

“It’s her car. ”

“Who’s car?”

“The daycare director’s car.”


“The license plate.  It the license plate number that Karen gave me last week.”

“Are you sure?”

“Hang on I write it down just in case.”

She flipped through her day timer to last Wednesday as he pulled the car into an empty parking spot.

“Here it is.”

Her best friend and former next door neighbor had called her last week and told her that a red car had been parked outside her son’s dad’s house on and off all week.  She’d seen the same women coming over in the early evening and then leaving early in the morning a number of times.  Her friend wasn’t trying to be nosy (bless her heart) but with the divorce and custody not finalized yet she thought it might help.  She hadn’t really paid much attention.  It had become pretty normal for him to have “friends” over and frankly it was his life now and she had moved on.

“So what does that mean?”

“It means that my ex is sleeping with the director of my son’s daycare.”

“Are you kidding me?”

She had started to shake.  How stupid was she to think that any of this had been an accident.  That when he had suggested this daycare it had just been a coincidence.  Nothing he did ever lacked an ulterior motive.  What a stupid shit.  What was he thinking?

Her boyfriend put his hand on her knee and tried to calm her down.

“Okay, so what do you think we should do?”  He asked.

“Oh god I don’t know.  Wait I’ll call Lisa.  She’ll know what to do.”

She dialed her lawyer’s office.   This was just wrong.  Not illegal or anything but it was morally just wrong.  Her lawyer was great and calmly talked her down off the ledge.

“Well I suppose you could talk to her boss but like you said, she hasn’t really done anything wrong.  They are both allowed to have a private life.  Is it sleazy and could it have repercussions?  Of course.  But unless you want to sue her there’s really no point.”

“Of course, no, I don’t want to sue her that would just make things worse.  Thank you.  I think I can deal with this on my own.”

She was right of course.  But she couldn’t just let this slide.  He could sleep with whoever he wanted to but if things went bad between the two of them, which they would, her son would most likely pay the price.  God, how could he be so stupid?  How could she have not seen this coming.  Thank god for her friends keen eyes.

The next afternoon she pulled up to the little house where her son’s daycare was and sat for a moment.  She needed to be calm and remember that there were kids around who might hear her if it got loud.  She hadn’t completely decide what she would say.  Would she be mad?  Would she be sympathetic?  Should she just warn her?

“Screw it I’m just gonna wing it.”  She said to herself.

She walk into the little house and asked one of the girls if they knew where Jackie was.

“Oh, she’s in the infant room.  You can go in if you like?”

“No, that’s okay.  Can you ask her to meet me in her office?”

“Sure I’ll go get her.  Anything wrong?”

“No.  Just need to touch base on a couple of things.”

She sat down at the desk and looked at the colorful pictures on the walls.  Tiny toddler hands had crafted these masterpieces in the rooms down the hall.  When was this going to end?  After a year of arguments, lawyers, mean emails, hurt feelings and tears she thought that their lives had finally settled down.  The divorce was almost final, she had a new job, a new boyfriend and all the lies and manipulation were behind her.  Or were they?

“Hey, is everything okay?  You’re here early aren’t you?”  The director of the daycare came around the corner and stood in the doorway.

“Can you close the door please?”  She said quietly.

“Sure.  What’s up?”

She could feel the heat rising in her face.  Stay calm, stay calm she kept telling herself.

“So there’s something I need to tell you…….”

Thinking about taking on the challenge of National Writing Month.  

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