January 1, 2017

If I had my way I would stay in my cozy warm bed all day. But no , I had promised my daughter that we would go skiing today so I dragged my sorry butt out of bed and put on my long johns. Damn it’s cold.

For me, the worry on days like this is that your child will….

A. Be miserable and a fair amount of money will be wasted
B. Spend every moment on the chairlift asking when we are going to the lodge for hot chocolate.
C. Have something catastrophic happen and the rest of the day will be shot.

But amazingly, it was all good. Lots of successful runs. A few laughs. Hot chocolate and cookies. More runs.

Walking back to the parking lot I fall down a small snow bank on my face onto my skis. Blood. First aid hut.

Rest of day is spent in bed, trying to keep warm and realizing that I am old and uncoordinated.

Best Thing in Life? Realizing that I didn’t need to worry about something catastrophic happening to her because it was, in fact, me that was the only mishap.