January 4, 2017

I always look forward to the day I get my hair cut. I think subconsciously I chose my hair dresser for the sole reason of her salon’s location. I get to go to that special place where hip people go. Downtown.

It’s like a teeny mini very small cool vacation.

I always try to wear something that might be considered fashionable and definitely make sure that my hair looks good. Which really makes no sense as it’s just going to be washed and cut anyway. I never want my hairdresser to see that my hair occasional looks like crap. Even though it does pretty much every day except his one.

Why my hairdressers opinion is important I am not sure.

I have also decided to go back to coloring my hair. Going grey is cool and all but I’m just not quite ready to be the lady with the grey hair. Plus I saw some pictures from over the holidays and I didn’t really match the rest if my family.

I’m just now realizing how shallow my day was.