TBT – Motorcycle


Yup, that’s me.  Don’t believe me?  Can’t say that I blame you.  It’s a far cry from the slightly greying, conservative bob cut that I am currently sporting.  My wardrobe now is a tad more conservative too.  Jeans, white crew neck tshirt and vans are more my speed these days.

I think this picture was taken in the mid ’90s which would put me at about 30 years old.  I’m basing that on the jacket I’m wearing and the hairstyle I’m sporting.  Definitely pre-kids.

So why did I pick this picture for Throw Back Thursday?  I’m not sure.  Could I be missing some “wild” in my life?  Not really.  Do I have a deep seeded desire to own a hog?  Definitely not.  It’s more likely that I am just wishing I could still hop onto a motorcycle without bones creaking and muscles spasming.

The picture was taken outside of a restaurant on Granville Island in Vancouver.  I can’t remember the event but there were a bunch of us out for dinner.  If any of my friends are reading this and remember this night please refresh my memory.  Right, that’s another thing I’m starting to miss.  The ability to recall events, names and faces.

Look, I’m not “old” but I’m not a spring chicken either.

This picture is just a little reminder for me that The Best Things in Life are memories caught on film to be looked at years later.



TBT – Halloween

How many of your Halloween costumes do you remember?  My most memorable costume was the year that my best friend, her sister and her best friend and I went as the crew from the Wizard of Oz.  Katherine was the tallest so she was the tin man, Joanna had freckles so she got to be Dorothy, Angela was the scarecrow and I was the lion.  My mom made my costume and it was amazing.

Unfortunately I have no pictures.   I do, however, have pictures of my kids……ya I know but hey, its Halloween.

witch and a fire man

When my son was three he wanted to be a witch.  We went to the store and I showed him the dress and hat that made up a witches costume.  He loved it!  Not once did he or I or anyone question his choice.  He was a witch and her rocked it.  We’ve never talked about it since than and he may have forgotten.  Until now.  Sorry bud.


My daughter’s first Halloween (that she was able to walk for) she was dressed as a penguin.  When I was pregnant my husband and son used to joke that I was going to have a penguin.  I’m not sure why.  My husband has always wanted a pet penguin.  Again, I’m not sure why.  So it was only fitting that this be her first costume.  Thank you Old Navy.

Power Ranger

Are Power Rangers still a thing?  In 1995 it was ever little boy’s dream to be a Ranger.  I’m guessing that the number of Power Ranger costumes sold has recently been replaced by Minecraft or perhaps Skylanders?  I was a bit worried about the mask that came with this costume but apparently going out without is was nothing short of sacrilegious. Go Power Rangers.

three cuties

What little girl didn’t dream of being a fairy princess for Halloween?  Of course dressing like a fairy princess in Vancouver at the end of October has some logistical issues.  Turtle necks for example don’t always fit underneath gauzy sequined dresses.  Sling back slippers and mushy wet leaves do not mix.  Still she managed to pull it off don’t you think?  How cute are her buddies the mermaid and the queen?

sarah palin

The last costume I wore was in 2008 and was Sarah Palin.  There was talk of my husband dressing up as a moose but it never happened.  My friends annual Halloween costume was the perfect way to let our imaginations go and yup, that’s the best I could come up with.  You betcha!

The Best Thing in Life is that I do not have a picture of the year that I dressed up as Catwoman.  Black vinyl is not flattering.  Just sayin’

A Shoebox Full of Memories

Venice 2

I have a shoebox of pictures that has been sitting in a corner of my bedroom for many months. Today I picked it up and looked through it. Pictures from when I was a baby, a toddler and a school kid. Pictures of me and my friends from high school, college and my early twenties. Pictures of my wedding and my kids. What will I do with this shoebox of memories? I will use it as the inspiration for Throw Back Thursdays. Each week (hopefully) I will pick a picture and try to recreate the story behind that picture or pictures. Wish me luck.

The picture I chose today is of me at age twenty in St. Mark’s Square in Venice. This was about two and a half months into a four-month adventure in Europe with my friend Kathryn. We had taken the overnight train the night before from Florence and were spending the day wandering around the city. The pigeons in St Mark’s were ridiculous. They were, at times, a little frightening. If you stopped feeding them they would follow you around pecking at your feet and reminding you that they were there. Just in case you hadn’t noticed the few thousand of them lurking around. Every once in a while something would startle them and they would all rise and fly around for a few seconds. The noise from their wings was deafening.

At lunch time we found a little cafe with tables and chairs outside on one of the canals. We thought we had ordered sandwiches and two glasses of wine that we could afford but the waiter brought out a bottle and plopped it on the table. Even though we protested in our best Italian we ended up blowing the whole day’s budget on a bottle of red wine that was so delicious that in the end we didn’t care how much it cost. Guess we would be eating crackers for dinner. The sun was shining and we had no cares, other than the fact we would be eating crackers for dinner. The waiters were no doubt having a good laugh at our expense. They probably hadn’t thought about the fact that they wouldn’t be getting a good tip. If they got one at all.

We spent the rest of the afternoon exploring the tiny streets and looking into the stores. The carnival masks, that were everywhere, were beautiful but kind of creepy at the same time. Brilliant colours and dramatic shapes covered in bright ribbons and jewels. Crimson lips and smoky eyes seemed to be watching you from the stores walls. I could picture some of them on a tall man with a long black cape and hood skulking around corners and sweeping unsuspecting young girls into dark corners. Venice, for me, was one of those cities that I found exciting and scary. It felt mysterious and just a little dark. Not a place I would want to be late at night yet I imagined they have some great parties.

At the end of a long day we took the ferry back to our hostel. Kate fished the bottle of Amaretto we had bought in Florence the day before out of her backpack and we sat on her bunk, toasted Venice and ate crackers. The next day we would take the train to Vienna and our adventure would continue.  The Best Thing in Life is remembering days like this and smiling a little.